1. PRIVACY: Personal information is private property.  Two birds can be killed with one stone in regard to identity.  Blockchain technology and an independent commission of privacy (not truth) that validates and verifies a digital suitcase of identity is very, very achievable.  It ain't rocket science.
  2. WATER: Water is public property ... simple.  If you can crowd a host of people in to a megalopolis and charge them for water instead of running fibre optic broadband through regional towns you don't need a gold mine.  Mining also gets a free kick because there isn't an informed or empowered public in regional areas to stand up to them.  Mining isn't bad, mining isn't good - mining is mining.  What makes mining unhealthy is a lack of transparency over what they are doing with water, alluvial flows and tax.
  3. GEOLOGICAL STRUCTURE: The structure of earth below our feet (and below the waves) tells us where the wealth is and where the water is.  Universities who have sold off this data and technology to private interests have done the wrong thing.  It pays to lock the data in a public vault but give people access to imagery.
  4. A PUBLIC CHART OF ACCOUNTS: Note that a Commonwealth Ledger of Expenses, Assets and Revenue has the acronym CLEAR.  'C' and 'L' also double for capital and liabilities.  Once third party developers master a stable system for categorising transactions, beams of evaporative sunlight will dispel a cloudy cesspool of shelf companies.  This system applied to grants and reports would also give lead time for real community leaders on sporting bodies, community groups etc to get solid experience with real democracy based on financial transparency.  Replacing the plethora of narcissistic nobodies in parliament then becomes a reality and sets the country up for a fair dinkum republic around 2025 - after we've bought back the copyright for Waltzing Matilda.
  5. WORLD, NATIONAL AND REGIONAL NEWS: Media, commentary and diverse interpretation is the glue of discussion and decision making.  Ask around and see who else has had a gut full of programs like Q&A or the 7:30 Report or Correspondents Report (especially!!!) filled to the brim with sensation, polemic and divisive, emotional claptrap that glorifies victimhood at the expense of context, facts and (most importantly) creative, practical SOLUTIONS!!!.
  6. MEDICARE: Specialist rip offs and GP over servicing are a living reality for people on the ground - and they just keep getting away with it.  It makes sense to beef up the pharmaceuticals regulators with generic drug solutions with simple, clear rules for public access to health care.  A sensible approach to health is sound advice and social programs related to diet, exercise and the ongoing, unseen killer; childhood (generational) trauma.  Screwing around with pharmaceuticals, operations and even drug addiction programs profits an ongoing stratum of funding applicants and a lot of sick and/or lazy people to keep them in a job.
  7. LANGUAGE TRAINING: Language is power - the power of the heart.  If you speak another language you know the bridges of trust this skill brings.  Australians becoming bi-lingual via a standard national curriculum in schools, unis (and revitalised TAFES) is survival basics.  A no bull**** graphic system for revealing sentence structure (subject, verb, object, nouns, adjectives, adverbs etc) is the key to success.  Citizen, resident and immigrant access to language training is abominable and riddled with an orchestrated incompetence that masks corruption.

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