[MOOD] is a five character descriptor
aggro = aggressive
banal = banal
callt = callout (hook)
cumbk = comeback
deadp = deadpan
entry = entry
exits = exit
intro = introduction
inter = interlude
jingl = jingle
lingo = language
polit = political
philo = philosphical
promo = promotional
sales = sales
sarco = sarcastic
schpl = schpiel
skits = skit
spruk = spruik

The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is formatted as
[two digit country code][three character reg code][yr][mt][dt][serial 0-9]
Metadata, th filename, the .m4a file graphic and buttons below display the International Standard Recording Code.
Each will record whether the file is registered with APRA and/or PPAC.